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How much does it cost?

For the general public (Consumers) there are 3 levels (Email, Basic & Intermediate). The Email plan is only if you want to be alerted by email if any money becomes owing to you. On the Basic level you get 5 searches for $29.95 (suitable if you have 1-3 amounts of money owing to you) and on the Intermediate level gives you 10 searches for $49.95 (suitable if you have 3-6 amounts owing to you).

For businesses who recover money for other people, we have 2 plans: The Professional plan ($119.95) gives 30 searches and has the option where you receive email alerts for up to 10 of your clients when more money is owed to them. For those who are fulltime users of the website, we have the Unlimited plan where you pay a monthly fee of $199.95 and you can both have unlimited searches and email alerts for your clients for that month. 


What is counted as a search?

Many of our clients like to be able go into the results and instructions pages several times. So by having 5 searches allows you to perform 5 searches which then allows you to go back in.

When you are logged in and you do a search, if any results come up, then it is counted as 1 search. Importantly, if 5 results come up, it is still counted as 1. If no results are displayed, then your search count remains unchanged.

The number of remaining searches can be seen in the login section on the top right of the screen.


If I run out of search credits, how do I get more?

When you are logged in, on the top righthand login section there is a link that says Add Credits. Click on this and it will take you to the payment screen.


How do I know this website is legitimate?

Our business has been registered with ASIC since 2010 and has been actively helping people recover money since then. As you may have seen on our Home page video, we have been featured on Channel 7s TodayTonight twice in 2011. I can tell you that they do not run a stories without their legal team reviewing our company very carefully.


How do I know if the payment process is secure?

We understand that there are risks in buying on the internet. Keeping your information secure is really important to us as well so we have outsourced the payment handling to the specialists. We use the worlds most widely used internet payment company called Paypal to accept your payment information. All we know is that they tell us if the payment was successful.


How did you get this data?

As a registered unclaimed money agent, we have access to these databases that are not generally available to the public. Our data is sourced from eight different government databases that we have access to. We then consolidate it into one consolidated database that you can search over.

Is your data up to date?

The process of updating the database is continual. We endeavour to keep the data as fresh as possible however sometimes a delay will occur getting the data from the government department and in a format suitable for publishing.


This information is available on Government websites. Why should I pay for this? 

Primarily to save time. This site allows you to search across 8 databases at once instead of you having to go to each site.  There is also data here that is not available on the public websites. Some of the databases are not available to the public, some are out of date and others do not show the amount of money owing.


How come the Government cannot put all the data on one site like you have?

The data is kept by each state as well as at federal level however they operate independently. We have had numerous conversations with Government departments about how they should consolidate however the general response was that it was too hard.


What happens if I dont claim the money?

In most states, when the money has been unclaimed for a certain amount of time, the State Government then absorbes that money into consolidated revenue. This means that this money is then no longer yours and cannot be claimed.

What does the Money Back Guarantee cover?

That you wil be satisfied with our service. If you are unable to claim the money back due to a fault with our data (or the data supplied to us), then we will gladly give you your money back. However if you benefit from having access to the information that membership provides such as finding out where you money is located or initiating the claiming process using our information, then expecting a refund would be unreasonable.